Hire [verb]

Definition of Hire:

commission for responsibility, use

Opposite/Antonyms of Hire:

Sentence/Example of Hire:

A number of companies across the country, including Glassdoor, StubHub, Funding Circle, Yelp, Checkr and even the National Institutes of Health, either paused hiring or canceled their internship programs altogether.

Since March, it’s added over 120 hires globally, 15% of those have been in London and Singapore.

Communications software maker Slack has hired a new chief people officer.

Now Grant has joined the chorus of work and management experts who are betting on technology as a way to improve fairness in hiring.

Imagine hiring someone without being properly vetted and now this person comes in and has to work three times as hard to be accepted by the community.

So, it’s more the challenge of hiring than any other challenge.

The league itself didn’t get its own chief medical officer until 2017, when it hired Allen Sills.

The guys hired local folks to help cook, bake, and run the store.

Since Palantir only recently began hiring sales staff — they make up just 3% of its 2,400 employees — “there’s a lot of room for us to grow,” he said.

You could hire some of their top freelancers, and there was a link to Encyclopedia Womannica.