Sublet [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sublet:

She had left the Evening Herald, she had told Mrs. Carew to sublet her rooms.

It is dangerous in the hands of a person not used to handling it and the work should be sublet.

The joy of renting is to move, or sublet; to be rid also of taxes and repairs.

After Grandpa's death, the Philadelphia house was sublet for a year.

"Perhaps we could sublet it," said Rosamund, trying to speak with brisk cheerfulness.

It may have been good policy in Sublet, to attach us to him.

This parade was doubtless made by Sublet for the sake of effect.

Billy Glynn told me to sublet it and sell the stuff the first chance I had.

He sublet it to Peter the Great, who was then visiting the dockyard at Deptford.

All we want to say, papa, is we got a chance like we never had before to sublet.