Occupied [adjective]

Definition of Occupied:


Synonyms of Occupied:

Opposite/Antonyms of Occupied:

Sentence/Example of Occupied:

Another subject attracted her attention and occupied some share of her thoughts.

Between them, his days and nights were occupied to crowding.

As she spoke, Milza, who was occupied in the next apartment, sneezed aloud.

Harbour improvements have occupied much of the attention of Government.

The Jews have crossed the river Jordan and have occupied Palestine.

By the way, the seat which he occupied was another of Mr. Roberts' peculiarities.

Sidney and she, living in the world of the Street, occupied different spheres.

Dixon had a cottage there, which he occupied with his wife, and Allis was to stop with them.

Hubert was occupied the whole forenoon in cleaning the front of the old building.

Several of the shelves were occupied by specimens of entomology.