Uninhabited [adjective]

Definition of Uninhabited:

not lived in

Synonyms of Uninhabited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uninhabited:

Sentence/Example of Uninhabited:

For all the signs of life visible, Cairncross might have been uninhabited a twelve-month.

At the moon, which was then so close, and uninhabited by superior beings.

This island has been uninhabited probably since the dawn of ages.

They were in some snug harbour, however, of a desolate and uninhabited coast.

These islands are high and steep, covered with wood, and uninhabited.

For this reason, most beacons are built on uninhabited planets.

At present it is not only uninhabited, but regarded by the natives with fear.

The Russian Captain Kroutcheff, who landed upon it in 1822, found it uninhabited.

The country through which he drove here was uninhabited lowland.

After touching at several places, we landed at an uninhabited island.