Inhabited [adjective]

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Originally, Kroeber used oikoumene to refer to the “entire inhabited world,” as he traced back human culture to one single people.

The country is well inhabited, for it contains fifty-one cities, near a hundred walled towns, and a great number of villages.

I found that I still felt the lure of foreign countries, and the less explored or inhabited, the better.

We don't call every tuppeny-hapenny villa inhabited by a nobleman a 'castle' as they do in Germany and Austria.

The large house contained an entrance hall leading into four rooms, each of which was inhabited by a white family.

These letters spelled the name of an island which had been inhabited by friendly Indians of the same name.

For fire shall come upon her from the Eternal, long to endure, and she shall be inhabited by devils for a great time.

The streets, which are exclusively inhabited by Chinese, presented a very bustling aspect.

A boat landed on the south-westernmost islet, and found it inhabited only by birds, but clothed with shrubs and wild grapes.

Within a century or two there have been a dozen or more catastrophes of this nature in the inhabited valleys of the Alps.