Vacant [adjective]

Definition of Vacant:

empty; unoccupied

Synonyms of Vacant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vacant:

Sentence/Example of Vacant:

He turned and faced Percival, looking from him to his sandwich with vacant eyes.

The feeling then was reciprocal, and he was proposed for the vacant seat.

Novels are taken up to amuse the vacant hour—in this consists their use.

Mr. Gladstone was invited to the vacant place, but declined.

A man cutting brush in a vacant lot leaned on his axe to look after us.

The place at his right had been vacant ever since they left Southampton.

Comrade Ossipon met the shock of this blasphemy by an awful, vacant stare.

The child's eyes, though soft, were so vacant in their gaze.

The post will not be vacant until the beginning of the year.

I have taken all the vacant apartments; and must carry this point also.