Devoid [adjective]

Definition of Devoid:

empty, wanting

Synonyms of Devoid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Devoid:

Sentence/Example of Devoid:

The prevalent use of gift registries would argue otherwise — but while they ensure that people get the stuff they want, they are devoid of any thought or sentiment.

The Greenbelt store was devoid of customers Saturday afternoon save for a preteen boy and his mom browsing the orderly rows of games, most bearing “pre-owned” stickers.

Nobody in their right mind would ever give a job to someone so completely devoid of the most rudimentary social skills.

Rivers’s lack of championship rings will likely invoke comparisons to Fouts, Dan Marino and Warren Moon, three Hall of Fame quarterbacks that are also devoid of a Super Bowl win.

They pointed the most powerful telescope in history, the Hubble Space Telescope, at a dark patch of sky devoid of known stars, gas, or galaxies.

We can’t tie quality to a simple binary process devoid of context.

Duke’s first four games this season were at home, played at a Cameron Indoor Stadium devoid of its Crazies and all other fans.

They jeered and sounded mournful notes without promise, devoid even of hope.

And being devoid of ambition, and striving not toward accomplishment, she drew satisfaction from the work in itself.

Like his fellow Marshals, Macdonald hated the Spanish war, which was a war of posts, and devoid of glory.