Deficient [adjective]

Definition of Deficient:

imperfect, inadequate

Opposite/Antonyms of Deficient:

Sentence/Example of Deficient:

It’s a problem compounded by the Marshals Service’s deficient coronavirus tracking and testing.

Similarly, a peer-reviewed observational study in Italy looking back at a small group of patients who were hospitalized with acute respiratory failure due to covid-19 found that 81 percent were vitamin D deficient.

However mistletoes get by with their deficient mitochondria, the big unanswered question is why these plants did away with something so seemingly useful.

Schwarber and Rosario could be viewed as deficient in the field.

Given what’s already known, zinc could possibly decrease the duration of infection but not the severity of symptoms, she said, particularly among people who are deficient.

As adults, mice born to microbe-deficient mothers were less sensitive to touch than mice from mothers with a typical microbiome.

They are all residents of park-deficient, urban communities.

(b) Diseases of the stomach associated with deficient hydrochloric acid, as chronic gastritis and gastric cancer.

Napoleon himself arrived at Wrzburg on October 2nd, and found his army concentrated, but deficient of supplies.

Remnants of food from previous meals indicate deficient gastric motility.