Scant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Scant:

The sky was now clear, the air frosty, and my rags were but a scant protection to me.

Of Rouquet's activities as an artist in England there are scant particulars.

He appears to have grown fat and scant of breath when he was about thirty-six or seven.

After the first day of the siege there was scant leisure for funeral rites.

The meat was little better than the bread in quality, and quite as scant in quantity.

So our own strange tragedy had, as I have said, scant attention.

The English, especially, had but scant courtesy to expect at their hands.

They have been treated with too scant respect in the histories of American literature.

To her surprise this proposition met with but scant enthusiasm.

They that be husbandmen now haue but a scant lyvinge therby.