Wanting [adjective]

Definition of Wanting:

lacking, inadequate

Opposite/Antonyms of Wanting:

Sentence/Example of Wanting:

But Uncle Peter had already put in some hard winters, and was not wanting in fortitude.

How can I be with you day after day without loving you, hungering for you, wanting you, body and soul?

My reasons for not wanting to go to the railroad to work were good.

I've been wanting to tell you for more than a week, but I didn't know how.

Yes, as Henry was saying, I have been wanting to see you ever since my daughter spoke of you.

But, what could be wanting to satisfy the insatiable cravings of this woman?

Whereat they jeered at him for wanting to be close to Evadna.

A gentleman from thousands of miles away, wanting to know your history!'

It all comes of that confounded habit of mine of wanting to be in love.

An oar has been made since I came in, wanting the shaped handle.