Patchy [adjective]

Definition of Patchy:

spotty, not consistent

Synonyms of Patchy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patchy:

Sentence/Example of Patchy:

He played where the wickets were all patchy, and you had to watch the ball right on to the bat.

Debate, on the whole, patchy, with hopeless air of unreality about it.

Patchy had lately been reading the story of Joseph and his brethren.

The Dutch samplers might, as a rule, be described as patchy.

The result is patchy, and the removal of evils partial and unsystematic.

They were aged and patchy, and they filled the bill in other ways.

She grew pale—a patchy pallor, which meant that her nerves were out of order.

I have to dodge about with netting and scarecrows to keep what we do get; for I hate a patchy row, I do.

He's a kind of half-breed, and the colour's come off patchy instead of mixing.

These clouds extend in long horizontal streaks, thinning away at their base, and in parts becoming wavy or patchy.