Away [adverb]

Definition of Away:

in another direction; at a distance

Synonyms of Away:

Opposite/Antonyms of Away:


Sentence/Example of Away:

The real challenge would be we’re four weeks away from election.

I think that is something this industry makes you look away from.

This is a situation that they thought they had the upper hand on politically, but that advantage seems to be slipping away.

It would go away without the vaccine, George, but it’s going to go away a lot faster with it.

It’s probably going to go away a lot faster now because of the vaccine.

I traveled across four countries to witness how rising temperatures were driving climate refugees away from some of the poorest and hottest parts of the world.

Brands shouldn’t shy away from seeking out these spaces where their customers are congregating and creating, and find a way to be a part of these conversations.

Before the pandemic, Cleveland had been decades along in the process of rebalancing its economy away from producing goods and toward services.

It was a decayed house of superb proportions, but of a fashion long passed away.

She walked away toward another door, which was masked with a curtain that she lifted.