Slender [adjective]

Definition of Slender:


Synonyms of Slender:

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Sentence/Example of Slender:

Strange, by what slender threads our lives are knitted to each other!

The girl was rather short, but of a slender elegance of form that was ravishing.

For slender purses there are cheap boats, cheap railways, and the omnibus.

The Road-Runner balanced on his slender legs and cocked his head trailwise.

She was small and slender, but no one had ever likened her to a flower.

What she saw was a tall man, slender, and about him there was to Linda a strong appeal.

He was slender and ruddy-cheeked, with tossing red-brown curls.

It was heavy; quite too heavy for the slender strength of a child, like Pandora.

The Assistant Commissioner had stood up also, slender and flexible.

Beneath his top-coat, evening dress clothed a short and slender figure.