Lacking [adjective]

Definition of Lacking:

wanting, deficient

Synonyms of Lacking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lacking:

Sentence/Example of Lacking:

European tobacco is lacking in flavor and is less powerful than the tobacco of America.

Some critics feel that, despite much that is desirable in her work, the soul is lacking in the women she paints.

Yet there never was lacking a volunteer, either man or woman, to go to that well and obtain the precious water.

Never lacking natural dignity, he was not punctilious in mere matters of form.

Now here was a lover's meeting, not lacking the shy, downward glance of dark eyes as steel-blue eyes flashed frank admiration.

The future would not have been lacking in opportunities to seek out and kill Marius for that insult.

The location is a rather secluded one and the painstaking care noticeable about so many ruins is lacking.

Involuntarily he develops two distinct personalities, and, lacking other subjects, one becomes the spy on the other.

This report, however, was very meager and lacking in any profusion of mechanical detail.

Tchaikovskys creative talents, which are occasionally apparent in his symphonic works, are completely lacking in The Oprichnik.