Lease [verb]

Definition of Lease:

rent object, residence

Synonyms of Lease:

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Sentence/Example of Lease:

Anyone who is taking space or looking at a lease expiration is looking at a major redesign.

Under these conditions, it would make more sense for companies that are active on Alaska’s North Slope to pursue sites they currently have under lease, which pose much lower risk.

The city’s lease for Civic Center Plaza had gone month-to-month.

Chapter 11 allows retailers to easily get out of lease agreements.

The city of San Diego has long struggled with leases for buildings to house its workers.

It informs decisions about everything from vehicle fuel mileage standards to buildings to oil leases to the climate itself.

He wishes to cultivate it still, and offers to renew the lease for any number of years, and pay the rent punctually.

The rent for which the owner can lease it, emerges simply as a consequence of the existing state of wages and prices.

He and his friends obtained the lease, for thirty-one years, of a rival line, which turned out a great financial success.

If the time be less, a verbal lease may be made, even though the lessee does not take immediate possession of the premises.