Charter [noun]

Definition of Charter:

treaty, agreement

Synonyms of Charter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Charter:

Sentence/Example of Charter:

She left a charter school downtown and enrolled in Lincoln because she wanted to be part of the Lincoln community.

What looked at first like reasons to attend a charter school, to me felt like reasons why we are losing kids at my public school.

Generally speaking, within online schools – most of these are charter schools that are also publicly funded by the state – attendance is based on the amount of work students complete.

Trains had been chartered, and officials decided not to cancel.

Meanwhile, some charter schools like e3 Civic High are moving quickly to incorporate curriculum reflecting underrepresented communities in existing history and English classes.

The trust is governed by a charter created by the trust’s settlor, and its rules can be made to prioritize someone’s interests.

City Attorney Mara Elliot recommended the city require a cash-only bid or it would otherwise violate the city’s charter.

School privatization – which usually refers to the outsourcing of traditional public education to charter schools – is a dirty word in many education circles.

The contract goes to the highest bidder under San Diego’s city charter, and everyone is scrambling to tack their desires onto the final bid.

Each district and charter school will make its own plans based on its particular situation and what it feels is best, said Music Watson, chief of staff at the County Office of Education.