Indenture [noun]

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But the pressure of need compelled his father to indenture him at an early age to a dyer in Lectourne.

But her small boot heel did not make an indenture, not a mark upon the little glittering circlet.

All the deeds above mentioned except an indenture, are signed only by the selling or granting party.

The new form of indenture also required the master to allow each apprentice a reasonable holiday in every year.

As showing the position of an apprentice in the 15th century a Shrewsbury Indenture is given as a note to this Chapter.

The church possesses the oldest indenture for the construction of an organ known in England.

Their leaders were the worst class in our province, being mostly convicts who had served their terms of indenture.

It further declared that any voluntary contract of service or indenture should not be binding longer than nine years.

The indenture by which Nancy bound herself for fifteen years is dated February 23, 1800.

Such records, even if trifling, were in turn the subject of an indenture if they were transferred from one person to another.