Prerogative [noun]

Definition of Prerogative:

right, privilege

Synonyms of Prerogative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prerogative:

Sentence/Example of Prerogative:

Every species of mere bodily labor is the prerogative of these Irish.

There was something that is supposed to be the prerogative of royalty in the lift of it.

She carried the idea of the prerogative of rank to a high pitch.

This is prerogative, and not to be limited by our municipal rules.

Those born great are able to do this by prerogative; you and I may succeed to it by skill.

“I have a right to exercise at least one womanly 120 prerogative, once in a while,” she laughed.

He said it was a painter's prerogative to warn even—love from that holy of holies.

Now this could not mean of men, because it ever has been the prerogative of absolute rulers like himself, to change manmade laws.

It was the priest's prerogative to judge the misdeeds and to impose the penalties.

It was their dominion, and their prerogative therefore to monopolize them.