Patent [adjective]

Definition of Patent:

unconcealed, conspicuous

Synonyms of Patent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patent:

Sentence/Example of Patent:

It is a patent declaration: "This is only a play; laugh and we are content."

The turners, Fig. 4, in the germinating cases are Saladin's patent.

But the unreasonableness of such a suspicion was patent, and Mr Verloc held his tongue.

The American patent was obtained by Morse on October 3, 1837.

In return Vail was to receive one-fourth of the patent rights in that country.

Is this patent of yours on a process of making gas from crude oil?

There are those who discover and invent, and who do not patent.

It was just a secret, not a patent; the thing ain't patentable.

These words are quoted from my first patent relating to this subject.

No dial or dial gearing is shown in the patent or exists in the patent model.