Glaring [adjective]

Definition of Glaring:

obvious, unconcealed

Synonyms of Glaring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glaring:

Sentence/Example of Glaring:

Despite her loss of income, she wrote, “I thought it was right to strike a blow against a glaring evil and I did not regret it.”

He noted that it is already challenging to persuade workers of color to trust the vaccine, given glaring inequities in American health care and the country’s history of medical mistreatment.

The discrepancy is so glaring in South Carolina that the public health director, Brannon Traxler, affirmed Wednesday that the state is receiving its “fair and appropriate allocation.”

That’s nearly one in every five, a severely disproportionate tally that becomes even more glaring with the knowledge that they account for only 16 of the series included in this year’s study.

NCAA tinkers with March Madness schedule, giving you another day to fill out your bracketThe most glaring discrepancy came from behind the arc, where Michigan made 12 of 24 attempts.

Most glaring was Rothermel’s assumption that fire spreads only by radiation, instead of through the convection currents that you see when a campfire flickers.

Other than the scoring breakdowns in the final frame, the only other major glaring error by the Capitals in the third was Nic Dowd's high hit on Staal.

MacLellan said he didn’t have any doubts that Samsonov would be the Capitals’ future after last season ended, even though his lack of experience is still glaring.

You go down the roster, and go down the roster at each position, and it’s glaring.

When tasked with finding the best tools and technologies that UTA’s clients could use to self-distribute their work, she discovered a glaring gap.