Vague [adjective]

Definition of Vague:

not definite or clear

Opposite/Antonyms of Vague:

Sentence/Example of Vague:

He had a vague consciousness that the boys did not love him, to say the least of it.

He had got a dangerous game to play, and his plans were vague and shadowy.

A vague unrest and dissatisfaction with her Christian experience were growing on her.

He had caught the contagion of her mood and vague alarm swept him.

It was only by an effort that he shook off the vague feeling of guilt.

Nevertheless, there was no anger in Dr. Ed's mind, only a vague and inarticulate regret.

The rumours, indeed, were so vague as to carry with them no weight.

What it was I did not know then and don't know now, but I had a vague impression that it was warm.

He could quiet the horses, but not a woman, in so vague an exigency.

Civilization, enlightenment,—they are vague terms, hollow sounds.