Indistinct [adjective]

Definition of Indistinct:

obscure, ambiguous

Synonyms of Indistinct:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indistinct:

Sentence/Example of Indistinct:

He saw all the son in its haggard lines; he heard all the son, in those few indistinct sounds.

It lay there clear and tranquil, and one could see the swaying of the indistinct green of its banks.

Indistinct specimens, apparently consisting of decomposed compact felspar.

Granular quartz-rock of several varieties: and indistinct specimens of a rock approaching to talc-slate.

Indistinct specimens of greenstone, with adhering quartz; apparently a primitive rock.

Moonlight makes the latter appear in indistinct masses, and as if partly covered with snow.

The river was blotted out, and even the climbing forest seemed indistinct.

He remained in this condition for twenty-seven hours, and during that time his speech was indistinct but intelligible.

I looked over, but all I saw was an indistinct mass at the bottom, while a few groans of its death-agony reached my ears.

In most minds ideas do not have distinct limits; the edges rather are indistinct.