Defined [verb]

Definition of Defined:

give description

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Sentence/Example of Defined:

Cystin crystals are colorless, highly refractive, rather thick, hexagonal plates with well-defined edges.

The sides generally rather shallow, heads of exquisite form and well defined.

But she was neither sister nor mother as her elder daughter defined the words.

A plateau is defined as a high lowland; therefore, this section is higher in elevation than the Coastal Plain region.

These cannot be easily defined, they differ in each case; so each case stands by itself.

In a city lot courses and distances play a larger part in fixing the boundaries, and are more carefully defined.

And there, sharply defined against sea and sky, stood the figure of a human being.

The edge of the reef off the latter island is not well defined, for we passed several straggling rocks.

No statute defined the length of the term which he might grant, or the amount of the rent which he must reserve.

The cause for this is that the great social forces which he defined have almost ended their work.