Prescribe [verb]

Definition of Prescribe:

stipulate action to be taken

Synonyms of Prescribe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prescribe:

Sentence/Example of Prescribe:

You are not placed near them for that, but only to receive your fees and to prescribe remedies.

Does it, however, become us to prescribe rules to Omniscience?

Are you, who refuse ever body's advice, to prescribe a husband to your sister?

For the present he can but prescribe a purgative and a massage of the arm and spine.

I will do as you prescribe, said Aristophanes, and now get on.

As your doctor, now, I prescribe a swim to cool the excessive heat of your humours.

Who do you think can prescribe, unless he knows the truth of the case?

It is a great pity that nobody knows how to prescribe for the heart.

(c) To prescribe the fundamental rules of order and discipline.

I am careful not to prescribe the source too narrowly, for it must be to our own liking, and to our own need.