Mislead [verb]

Definition of Mislead:

give someone the wrong idea, information

Synonyms of Mislead:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mislead:

Sentence/Example of Mislead:

It had not occurred to him to try to mislead her, but she evidently did not understand.

Priestess of the Corn,' she called toward the temple, 'do you also mislead the people?'

However, Sir, don't let me mislead you, as if I would interest your pity.

Ah, but you see, madame, it is an insincerity that does not mislead.

So he does, Polly; but I have known fellows do that just to mislead the adversary.

Could it be that the hat and handkerchief were placed where found to mislead as to manner of deaths?

Pursued and tracked to his publisher's house—or is it merely his fears that mislead him?

In their place is left, to mislead me, this wretched old 1887 corpse.

In the sciences there is no temptation of self-interest to mislead.

God will mislead whom he pleaseth, and whom He pleaseth He will place upon the straight path.