Victimize [verb]

Definition of Victimize:

cheat, fool

Synonyms of Victimize:

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Sentence/Example of Victimize:

To impose on or to victimize one is to injure him by abusing his confidence.

Their mission is to deceive and victimize the American people.

If a man wants to do a mean action, let him not select a woman to victimize.

I always said he had no business to victimize her, and I am sure of it now!

There is a luxury in the idea that on the morrow you will start fresh game, and victimize your tailor for another.

Thus a profligate man could victimize 103 a confiding girl with impunity.

She is perfectly innocent in that she has not considered her moral responsibility to the preacher she is about to victimize.

Their universal law granted the right of the strong to victimize the weak either through the power of physical or mental force.

If you choose to victimize yourself by staying here, of course you can do so.

Most trappers do not take into consideration the keen scent of the animal they hope to victimize.