Cozen [verb]

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He would fain cozen and betray us, like the Brother Richard, who at this very time is riding with our enemies.

After office home to dinner, where come in my cozen Snow by chance, and I had a very good capon to dinner.

Which being done I took leave and supped at my father's, where was my cozen Beck come lately out of the country.

Early to my cozen Thomas Trice to discourse about our affairs, and he did make demand of the L200 and the interest thereof.

Thence vexed home, and there by appointment comes my cozen Roger Pepys and Mrs. Turner, and dined with me, and very merry we were.

But whenever I could cozen an extra dollar out of him, alleging extra school expenses, I would do so.

They want the power which they can cozen out of the mob, or they think the Government will stop their mouths with a fat billet.

May 4th, Mr. Carpio browght me word of my Lords displeasure, conveyed and confirmed by cozen Pully his letters.

He did not, nor did he again allow his optimism and ever-ready vanity to cozen him with false hopes.

But you cannot think to cozen me, who am of clean Old-christian blood and a true son of Mother Church.