Chisel [noun]

Definition of Chisel:

shaping tool

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Sentence/Example of Chisel:

David might have looked this ripped, I mused to myself euphorically, had Michelangelo wielded a better chisel.

He stood up, crowbar in hand, and inserted the chisel blade of the implement between the edge of the door and the doorcase.

The round form of many of the latter is especially remarkable: they almost seem to have been cut out with a chisel.

At length, it was proposed by Dan Tyron to send for the stone cutter, and get him to cut them out of the wall with a chisel.

Jones then went aft to a locker near the stern, whence he returned with a mallet and chisel, and went below.

And sometimes they used the broad end of the brow antler instead of a stone chisel.

As I formed my enduring statue, was I now able to take my chisel into my hand, and leave its immortal line?

The triumphs of the pencil or the chisel he left with contemptuous indifference to Egypt, or Assyria, or Greece.

Pencils for mechanical drawing should be sharpened with a chisel point, and those for freehand work with a round point.

It is now illegible, and some of its lines appear to have been carefully erased—by some High Church chisel, probably.