Hose [noun]

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For example, in August 2017, Ford issued a recall for leaky fuel tank valves, which was quickly followed by a fuel tank recall from Honda and an oil hose recall issued by Chrysler.

Window kits include an exhaust hose, and are designed to fit into a wide variety of sizes and types of windows.

Sticking with a hose is safe, and it’s probably all you need for cleaning a path.

General Hughes was at the head of the police, but the surging mob pressed forward and cut the hose five times.

He washed the cement floor with the hose, and while waiting for it to dry he rinsed his brushes in turpentine.

He heard the doctor call to him from the road, so he promptly turned off the hose and ran out to see what was wanted.

A capital instance of this may be found where a stream from a hose is used in washing windows.

He saw mounted officers and parading soldiers, and groups of firemen standing impotently by their hose and engines.

Why, last year you won nearly all the confined events, and you were second in the Red Hose with twenty-five yards.

The hose shot forth a flash like a diamond; the water-spirit fell into the glowing Gehenna.