Dictate [noun]

Definition of Dictate:

command; rule

Synonyms of Dictate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dictate:

Sentence/Example of Dictate:

Even the purest selfishness would dictate a policy of social insurance.

Do not let scandal or a mere love of gossip dictate a letter of intelligence.

It is not the desire to deceive, but the desire to please, which will dictate such a course.

France would never again send a Barillon to dictate to the cabinet of England.

It was disputed among the Mussulmans whether it was eternal or God had created it in order to dictate it to Mahomet.

I would not appear to dictate, but do you not fear Mr. Purcell may construe your non-attendance into disrespect to himself?

He spared their lives, but only on the condition that he was to enter the town and there dictate his own terms.

He wrote as a man would dictate an essay which was to appear as a posthumous work.

Pain, therefore, as the strongest, will dictate our anticipations.

Now what would the idea of equity, what would the law inscribed by the Creator in the heart of man, seem to dictate in this case?