Ultimatum [noun]

Definition of Ultimatum:

final offer

Synonyms of Ultimatum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ultimatum:


Sentence/Example of Ultimatum:

Our ultimatum was despatched to Suna on the very day on which we received this sad news.

For the United States it is a record of honor; for Europe it is an ultimatum.

The captain's parting remark was in the nature of an ultimatum.

Then she called her daughter to her and issued an ultimatum.

Then without pause he turned on Sunny and delivered his ultimatum.

But this is not the ultimatum outrage of the Megalian Government.

You spoke, when you delivered your ultimatum, of attacking the Moon, and after it Mars!

We are prepared to defy the ultimatum of the enemy, whoever he may be.

And that evening Sondheim had sent him an ultimatum by Kastner.

Puma got up, nodded his acceptance of their ultimatum, and opened the door for them.