Injunction [noun]

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Federal District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers heard arguments this morning regarding Epic's request for a temporary injunction in its case against Apple.

Separately, pending further review, a federal appeals court on Sunday stayed a lower court’s injunction that would allow mail ballots in Wisconsin to count if postmarked by Election Day and received up to six days later.

The judge refused to grant an injunction against a November deadline for a sale.

In granting the preliminary injunction, the judge said the plaintiffs were likely to succeed at a trial.

“I will issue a preliminary injunction essentially in the form presented by the states,” Bastian said in court.

Sadly, most people believe that gang members are universally bad and anything anti-gang, like injunctions and enhancements, must be great.

San Diego placed men, women and children without any criminal record on these gang injunctions.

In this scenario, the Supreme Court could become involved if, for instance, Democrats seek an injunction to stop Pence from not counting Pennsylvania’s votes.

If they don’t, the PBC model allows for courts to issue orders, such as injunctions, holding corporations to their stakeholder and societal obligations.

To the Trump administration’s chagrin, national injunctions — in which power-happy federal district court judges can issue an emergency order that applies to the entire country — have been a growing feature of America’s legal life.