Represent [verb]

Definition of Represent:

present image of; symbolize

Opposite/Antonyms of Represent:

Sentence/Example of Represent:

He has no voice in its making, no influence in its administration, it does not represent him.

Every thing, I said, or nothing, as she was pleased to represent it.

Did Dr. Everett represent the indifferent world, or did he love her Master?

They will not believe me quite so bad as I fear you will represent me.

The presumption is that they represent the old sepulchers of the kings of Meroe.

The man promised to represent my case to the captain, and the next day I was landed.

If the animal spirits fail, they represent it as an actual temptation.

In 1658, he was selected by his townsmen of Hull to represent them in Parliament.

I am dying to know, because you represent and express Society so well.'

But I will represent to you at once, that to argue against it with me is useless.'