Be [verb]

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"Buy something for your wife that-is-to-be," he said to his grand-nephew, as he handed him the folded paper.

Everything showed a rapid flight; even the would-be dinner of the guerrillas was found half cooked.

Next night at dinner I proposed Sir Alister's health, and we all drank to him and his "bride-to-be."

While a one-step was in full swing some would-be wag suddenly turned off all the lights.

And hand-painting it allus seemed to me, is really elocution in oils; for a be-yutiful picture is a silent talker.

The fun, when the school broke up for the term, was of the never-to-be-forgotten variety.

He is a stranger to affectation—that dangerous rock to the would-be wit; he is natural, and is witty without trying to be a wit.

And if he ever saw one, his corpse-to-be was a methodical little piece of humanity.

He flattered himself that by timely suggestion he had stumped at least half a dozen would-be candidates for Mildreds hand.

"This is the blankest, rummiest blank go ever I was in," muttered the would-be iconoclast.