Characterize [verb]

Definition of Characterize:

typify, distinguish

Synonyms of Characterize:

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Sentence/Example of Characterize:

In fact, that definition of militias — small, armed groups of civilians fighting against the government — has characterized these kinds of movements throughout American history, Churchill told us.

A self-contained, persistent blob of turbulence constructed of well-characterized vortices offers a new world of possibilities for measurement and analysis.

However, despite the vitriol that has come to characterize the campaign, most Bay Staters see the race as a choice between two good Democrats.

Clipper will orbit Jupiter, but will conduct about 45 flybys of Europa and use a suite of instruments to characterize the surface and subsurface as much as possible.

For such a system, “its behavior is no longer characterized just by a temperature,” Bechhoefer says.

Using these observations, researchers characterized the boundary layer at Dome A and its effect on telescope observations.

It is difficult to characterize the curious comPg 158bination of levity and seriousness that runs through this tale.

We shall, then, in a separate chapter, examine and endeavour to characterize the inverse process.

The vestiges of barbarism characterize the African, in his normal state.

"I haven't any time this morning," he said, speaking with a rapidity which had begun to characterize his newly awakened life.