Indicate [verb]

Definition of Indicate:

signify, display

Synonyms of Indicate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Indicate:

Sentence/Example of Indicate:

A statistic on HubSpot indicates that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Brennan asked that her client be released from custody with a GPS monitor, pending further court proceedings, and indicated that there were medical reasons to do so.

Model projections indicate both storms may cut to our west, which would allow temperatures aloft to warm enough to change any snow to an icy mix.

Another test involves breathing hard in front of a mirror to see if you blink while wearing a mask, which would indicate leakage from the top of the mask.

The latest captured and released lion is P-95, whose name indicates it’s the 95th puma captured in the study.

Republican insiders who spoke to the Blade bolstered the Times reporting with stories about Weaver’s reputation for inappropriate messages, and indicated Weaver’s behavior was well known in recent years.

Nesbitt indicated the program could be expanded if the community is receptive.

Recent reports indicated the NBA was considering adding auxiliary events in addition to the All-Star Game.

Neuroscientists are interested in what the flatness or steepness of the slope might indicate about the brain’s inner workings.

The “-elle” at the end of a word indicates that it is something very small.