Augur [noun]

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The return of these men, if indeed they were responsible for the condition of the man upstairs, might augur further evil for him.

Here is a short-handled augur, to make a hole for the saw to go through.

The mode in which the title was acquired did not augur well for the justice or the morality which was to reign there.

This, however, proves a certain delicacy of feeling, and such traits lead me to augur all that is good.

I augur no good for him, said Madame Germeuil, who breathed more freely since the face had withdrawn from the gate.

I shall mention only, that in all these ceremonies the astrologer plays the double part of an augur and a family lawyer.

True, it is the higher aim of the two, and I will not pretend to augur any very brilliant success.

Thus now they nod and sigh, and proceed to tell us what they augur for November.

Dæd´alus is also mentioned as the inventor of the axe, plumb-line and augur.

Actius Navius was chief Augur, who (as the story saith) admonishing Tarqu.