Seer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Seer:

How dove I know where the 'seer lives at this hour o' the night?

Then Arexion the seer sacrificed, and at the first essay the victims were favourable.

The vision seen in the crystal does not exist objectively, but only in the mind of the seer.

Perhaps, had that seer of the future been a friend, I should have been secretly saddened.

The name "seer" indicates the nature of this kind of prophecy.

It is the clear soul of the boy, the poet, and the seer which is most surely aware of it.

The rates for parching are a pice a seer or an eighth part of the grain.

Then the Warlock becomes as weak as a child, “for all his strength had passed into the Seer.”

The seer has at last heard and interpreted the voice in the wilderness.

This must be the tenth seer she had consulted since Hugh had been killed.