Inform [verb]

Definition of Inform:

communicate knowledge, information

Synonyms of Inform:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inform:

Sentence/Example of Inform:

He informed them that he was a student and received results back pretty quickly, within two days, before getting on the plane.

Instead, the doctor informed her that he had also removed one of her fallopian tubes and that she could expect to have difficulty conceiving if she wanted to have more children.

Had she been informed of what was being done with regard to her fallopian tubes, she would have been able to respond fairly to that.

Its comprehensive report, released in 2018, informed my research and the list below.

Soon the prestigious Wellesley College informed her that it had put her on the waitlist for admission.

Those concerns “were not properly addressed” and the company “did not inform the FAA,” the report said.

While it is meant to take some of the weight off of the publisher’s advertising business, the online marketplace is also informing all of Golf’s first-party data strategy, he said, thus feeding back into its content strategy and advertising business.

The data then informs media recommendations — identify a topic that financial advisor CEOs are typically interested in — and custom content.

Armed with this knowledge, you can make better-informed decisions when it’s time to plan your budgets.

Bencsik and his team believe tooting is a queen’s way of informing worker bees that she’s hatched.