Dub [verb]

Definition of Dub:

name, label something

Synonyms of Dub:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dub:


Sentence/Example of Dub:

The researchers dub that conserved area a “Global Safety Net,” mapping out regions that can meet critical conservation and climate goals in a study published September 4 in Science Advances.

For the past few months, we have been fielding a regular survey dubbed the Events Participation Index, and for the most part it has shown that attitudes about traveling to attend in-person business events are at large negative.

There’s even a third-party service dubbed iOS Reject Rescue, designed to help developers navigate through the unpredictable approval process.

Chan Kung, founder, Anbound Research Center Last month, President Xi Jinping launched an initiative dubbed Operation Empty Plate to safeguard China’s food security.

Then two years later, so did Wimdu, a Berlin-based company that some dubbed a clone.

Stonehenge Lego, as Cox dubbed the model, was assembled assuming that Stonehenge’s outer circle of standing sarsen stones — a type of silcrete rock found in southern England — had originally consisted of 30 stones.

This week, PayPal is introducing a new BNPL product in the United States, dubbed “Pay in 4,” an interest-free installments plan.

Tone will be a feature on Amazon’s new wearable health tracker, dubbed Halo.

Then the friars call the natives Spaniards and the military officers own us as their sons and they dub us brave soldiers.

And, whenever you see a Dub kidding a Lout, you can be assured that the dub is trying to lift himself above a similar rating.