Confer [verb]

Definition of Confer:

discuss, deliberate

Synonyms of Confer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confer:

Sentence/Example of Confer:

The teams conferred with one another as they drafted their respective documents.

An omnipresent subjecthood confers onto the natural world the characteristics of a psyche.

More quietly, however, other scientists are investigating whether a vaccine that has already been in use for decades could also confer some level of protection.

Gene losses in evolution may sound like damaging events, since genes confer the traits that make life and health possible.

“We can’t rely on chemistry to spray our way out of this,” Goodman, a chemist himself, said as the commissioners conferred after the public’s comments.

Just as with our own sexual reproduction, a mix and match of tested genes is an efficient way to explore variations that might confer increased fitness.

In fact, Ostia must have been conferred a special status, given the predominance of marble used for the structure, which was considered as an exceptional building material.

Okay, so an empirical study of open offices finds that the primary benefit they are meant to confer — more face-to-face communication and the good things such communication can lead to — that it actually moves in the opposite direction!

We shall, I know, emulate their steadfastness and achieve a result which will confer added laurels to French and British arms.

Scattergood, out of the corner of his eye, saw them rush together and confer frenziedly.