Discourse [noun]

Definition of Discourse:

dialogue; dissertation

Synonyms of Discourse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discourse:

Sentence/Example of Discourse:

They have become so disdainful of the essentials of political practice in a democratic society — a baseline attachment to the rule of law and honesty in political discourse — that they mock the very idea of accountability on these questions.

She explained that it goes back a bit to the level of discourse.

Like WeChat WeiBo and there was a flourishing of online activity and online public discourse that caused the censorship systems to lag behind.

This week’s new normal of a well-produced Democratic National Convention was a first—no hot-air balloons and random speakers but also no impromptu discourse.

Take, for example, a recent paper that makes the case that the behavioral sciences can “promote truth, autonomy and democratic discourse online.”

Nevertheless, with racism in the headlines, advertisers are reckoning with their role in shaping the discourse around it.

Preprints enable quick data sharing between scientists and researchers, but they also allow questionable literature to enter public discourse without the necessary scrutiny.

If the coronavirus had not already posed a threat to civil discourse in the US, the latest flashpoint in American racial politics makes this presidential campaign potentially one of the most incendiary in history.

But to wave this discourse of Heathens, how many self-contradicting principles are there held among Christians?

Not a bit of it, replied the Dodger, stopping the subject of discourse as Mr. Chitling was about to reply.