Tractate [noun]

Definition of Tractate:

record of experiences

Synonyms of Tractate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tractate:

Sentence/Example of Tractate:

Then there is a commentary on the "Cantica of Avicenna," and a tractate on the "Theriac."

The tractate, De Erroribus Philosophorum, is attributed to him.

The Mishnic tractate Sabbath stands at the head of twelve tractates on festivals.

Hippocrates, in the tractate on "Ancient Medicine," has a splendid paragraph on the attitude of mind towards the men of the past.

The tractate is described as a very elaborate and learned compilation from the Fathers upon the sanctity of the Sabbath.

His tractate on Education contains peculiar views of a curriculum of study, but is charmingly written.

The imperfections include the first leaf, and two leaves in the second chapitre of the fourth tractate, the end is all right.

He realized in the cultivation of himself his definition of education, given in his tractate 'Of Education.

Eventually light came to me through reading a passage in a tractate on the Creed by Rufinus.

In his Tractate on Education there is not a word on the education of girls, and yet he wanted an intellectual female companion.