Memory [noun]

Definition of Memory:

ability to hold in the mind

Opposite/Antonyms of Memory:

Sentence/Example of Memory:

It is a tribute to the memory and worth of one of his early friends at Eton.

Some one has said of Mr. Gladstone that his memory was "terrible."

It was out of this anger, oddly enough, that the memory of the girl came to him.

It is contemplated to erect a monument, by subscription, to Mr. Fessenden's memory.

It was the music of climes where sorrow is but the memory of that which has been turned into joy.

Boys were flogged at boundaries, to impress the boundaries on their memory.

When he had only kissed her arm—He trembled a little at the memory.

Max had roused at the sound of Le Moyne's voice, not to suspicion, of course, but to memory.

Madam, you have interrupted me in the middle of my period, and have troubled my memory.

The kivas opened downward from a hole in the roof in memory of Shipapu.