Speaking [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Speaking:

Some of these bright beings are speaking, and others are silent.

I have more than once tried to deceive you, but you will feel that I am not now speaking falsely.

She heard him speaking in a voice not louder than a whisper, rapid, distinct.

I have used the words "they" and "their" in speaking of these heroes.

"Yes," said Dick, staring in front of him and speaking in a dull, even voice.

I am not speaking pantheistically here, any more than when I spoke of light.

Neither am I speaking theoretically, as I have tried to make plain.

I am speaking for the moment only of the degree to which the testing comes.

Hester rose and left the room, indignant with him for speaking so of his father.

"Because I was a coward," answered Corney, speaking the truth with courage.