Rhetoric [noun]

Definition of Rhetoric:

wordiness; long speech

Synonyms of Rhetoric:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rhetoric:

Sentence/Example of Rhetoric:

But the art, as far as there is an art, of rhetoric does not lie in the direction of Lysias or Thrasymachus.

But the art is not that which is taught in the schools of rhetoric; it is nearer akin to philosophy.

We see therefore that even in rhetoric an element of truth is required.

This is not an easy task, and this, if there be such an art, is the art of rhetoric.

But I still want to know where and how the true art of rhetoric and persuasion is to be acquired.

But I will proceed to the other speech, which, as I think, is also suggestive to students of rhetoric.

And I am going to ask—what is this power of persuasion which is given by rhetoric, and about what?

Do you know any other effect of rhetoric over and above that of producing persuasion?

To what class of things do the words which rhetoric uses relate?

Or will you be unable to teach him rhetoric at all, unless he knows the truth of these things first?