Conciseness [noun]

Definition of Conciseness:

shortness, briefness

Synonyms of Conciseness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conciseness:

Sentence/Example of Conciseness:

In point of artistic unity he is superior to Livy and equal to Thucydides, whom he resembles in conciseness of style.

It is devoid of all merit whether of literary beauty or of logical conciseness and brevity.

Colonel Broadcastle was not accustomed to mince matters, when the occasion demanded brevity and conciseness.

The candour and rich conciseness of this review, embraces the whole magic of the art, as respects landscape gardening.

The use of diminutives has a tendency to give conciseness to the language.

“My sister has given birth to a son, and lies at the point of death,” she said with her unsparing conciseness, but not harshly.

The processes and methods of this kind of a library must in their nature be conducive to rapidity and conciseness of service.

You will note that this speech has the rare quality of conciseness.

I still see poems in the papers whose clearness, conciseness and sublimity betray his master hand.

The second line falls short of the conciseness of the original by transposing the object of impregnates into the third.