Economy [noun]

Definition of Economy:

saving, frugality

Opposite/Antonyms of Economy:

Sentence/Example of Economy:

“I think whether it’s the economy or the coronavirus, former vice president Biden, he’s proven he wants to root against American prosperity for his own political gain,” Wenstrup said.

The latest spot from the president's campaign hands the microphone to a woman, never named, who says confidently that Joe Biden could “never handle the economy after covid.”

Then we started to see a slow growth of travel in different areas of the economy.

When girls go to school, economies grow and public health improves.

It’s a mistake that recalls the firm’s approach in January last year, when Fed Chairman Jay Powell signaled he’d do whatever it took to keep the economy growing.

Senate Democrats said the $500 billion stimulus package was too small to properly boost the economy and control the virus.

So the move toward a public sector-heavy service economy seemed like a good direction.

He wrote on law, medical jurisprudence and political economy, and translated Justinian and Broussais.

I have been admonished and instructed by the systematic economy which is practiced even in great houses.

Economy with the good old soul was a cardinal virtue, waste a deadly sin.