Imprudence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Imprudence:

He attributes much to the imprudence, or imbecility of the enemy, whose plan of saving an army he likens to Sterne's marble sheet.

Had the imprudence to preach against the Huguenots, and with so much success that the king wanted to put him in prison.

Still more yellow than usual, Hemerlingue internally accused himself of clumsiness and imprudence.

Often remonstrated with for his imprudence in exposing himself to the heavy night-dew he would listen to no advice.

Yes, go and carry comfort to thy friends, And wisely tell them thy imprudence ends.

In a case like this, the smallest imprudence might lead to fatal results.

You do not strengthen your case by reminding me of that imprudence.

Above all, let him not suspect that I am made acquainted with his imprudence.

The imprudence of Probus is said to have inflamed the discontent of his troops.

I pray that no harm may come to you from this imprudence of mine.