Concision [noun]

Definition of Concision:

shortness, briefness

Synonyms of Concision:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concision:

Sentence/Example of Concision:

The beautiful concision of style in this document gave Algernon a feeling of profound deference toward the law and its officers.

The thinking is magnificently done from this passage up to page sixteen or twenty, stated with great concision.

I believe that any English poet of to-day would be thankful for the concision that a Chinese poetaster attains without effort.

Nowhere do we see more clearly his most characteristic excellences, his delicacy, his power of antithesis, his concision.

Whatever may have been Morris' tendency when he wrote his own poetry, he knew when concision was a virtue in the poetry of others.

“I think he tavvy too much,” he said at last, with grim concision; and immediately turned the talk to other subjects.

Concision does not alone explain this, it may be noticed in other plays of the Norwegian.

Both phases remind us of the "concision" of Paul's later letters.

Keep an eye on the dogs, on the evil workers, on the concision.

His ear was nice, and his Attic taste had the singular merit of giving concision to the perplexed periods of our early style.